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Rico Nasty was born on May, 7 1997 as Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly in Largo, Maryland, USA. She is an American rapper and record producer mainly involved in hip hop and trap genres. She started her rapping career while she was still in high school and released 'summer's Eve'. She signed into Atlantic Recordings in June 2018. Rico's character as an artist includes colorful wigs, varied attitudes, rap and a little bit of emotion. Some of her most popular songs include; Hey Arnold, Iggady remix, Smack a Bitch, iCarly, Poppin, Trust Issues, Ice Cream and Mama Cita .Her mix tape summer's Eve was released in 2014. It featured songs such as Chickens, Mary Jane, Fuck 420 by Highlife Cato ft. Rico Nasty, Take Off, summer's Eve outro, Trap Phone ft. Uwizzy, Doja ft. Billy & Willz, KallahDiss, Lude, Till ft. Annekka & Step Sahn, and Yella ft. Willz. It was not until 2016 that she released her next mix tape Sugar Trap and The Rico Story. The Rico Story had six tracks; the intro, iCarly, Friend zone, Winships, G33K3R and the outro Sugar Trap popularized the music genre, sugar trap which is a little different from the traditional pop rap and bubblegum trap. She has since owned the sugar trap style both in style and in mentality. She released Sugar Trap II and Tales of Tacobella in 2017 and Nasty in 2018. Nasty features a bit of sour then sweet persona and it goes from childish and fun to a deep bass. The songs feature different music genres but they all make sense together. The album features Lil Gnar and Blocboy JB. The tracks are; Bitch I'm Nasty, Oreo, Hockey, Trust Issues, In The Air, Countin' Up, Won't Change, Ice Cream, Pressing Me, Lala, Rage, Why Oh Why, Transformer, and Life Back.

Rico Nasty is rated 4.9 out of 5 by (130) user ratings.

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